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HDB Introduces RFID Season Parking Ticket


Thursday, November 01, 2007
Lay Peng TAY.
by Lay Peng TAY

Housing & Development Board (HDB) Singapore is continually finding ways to leverage on technology to improve its services for customers. Recently, we have introduced Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to replace the current paper Season Parking Ticket (SPT).


Following a successful pilot, HDB called 2 tenders in 2006 to implement RFID to replace the paper SPT at all our car parks. The successful tenderers have distributed RFID tags to SPT holders since March 2007. They will complete the distribution by February 2008.

RFID Source.The HDB RFID tag has a Unique Identification (UID) number tied to the vehicle’s registration number. Like the existing paper SPT, the tag is displayed on the windscreen for cars or near the road tax disc for motor-cycles.

Once the season parking charges are paid by the motorists, the updated information is downloaded to our Electronic Handheld Terminal (EHT). This information will be encrypted in the EHT and not stored in the RFID tag. Our parking enforcement staff will then use the EHT to scan the tag and retrieve the UID which is matched against the information of the vehicle such as its registration number and validity of season parking.

There is no middleware used for this system. The RFID tag brings more convenience for SPT holders as they would no longer need to replace the paper SPT each time they renew their season parking. For those who renew electronically such as GIRO, internet and AXS or SAM self-service kiosks, they do not need to wait for the SPT to be sent to them. The feedback from the motorists on RFID is positive.

Our parking enforcement staffs are also happy with the system as it increases their productivity when carrying out enforcement action especially at night. There is no change to the mode of renewal with the implementation of the RFID, i.e. motorists can continue to renew their season parking through Giro, internet, self service kiosks or at our Branch Offices.

The writer is the Estates Officer of Housing Administration Department, Housing & Development Board (HDB) Singapore.

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